Sunday, March 22, 2009

Napkins on Birthdays

Spring is here which means Kristen and I have birthdays. These are Saturday nights shenanigans at Tsunami.

"Cheers to Rubber Boobs"
"We need to start a napkin on that note"
Rubber Boob-occur - Jud

Jud- Who we talkin trash about?
Mel- We're not talking trash
Julie- Oh, we're talking trash

John- Mutual Admiration Society

Leigh- Are you gonna glitter?
Jul- Oh, I would never glitter, only shimmer.

Julie- As fet--i, we decided to be born in spring
Jud- Write that down

I like to dance randomly

Its like you forgot to drink.
Jud-Thank you!

That drink matches your coat-occur.

Kristen: Julie, what's wrong with you-
Julie: I don't know, I forgot already.

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