Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jumping through hoops

The weekend started well. In Mel's words, we decided to eat our calories instead of drinking them. We made dinner at my house and yes it did include a bottle of wine before walking downtown for gelato and then watching the Sex and the City movie over mimosas. As always, it felt really weird to be out and about without the intent of popping in to a bar for a drink, but we had changed our plans for Friday night about a thousand times so pistachio gelato it was! Yeah, it was warmish, but we had on our gloves. Oh, and I am absolutely horrified to admit that after living in my house for a year and three months, I randomly opened the curtains behind our television and discovered we have the most amazing view of the state house I never knew about.

Then we got up bright and early to head to the county for family time. We bitched mercilessly on how the level of bad driving directly corresponds with how far south you get in Maryland. Oh, and we were going far. I dropped off Mel, made a pit stop at Sarah's, hung with young Noah who loves the baby blanket I made him and made it to my parents only slightly late for lunch. Cheryl was in town too and her latest trend is Hoola Hooping so after lunch, I jumped right on that bandwagon and we played in the yard for and extensive amount of time. We even got Mom and Lilly involved. Well I guess Lilly just supervised really.

Next, I decided it would be a crime not to take advantage of the colors of the hoops and designed an impromptu photo shoot.

We had an extensive conversation on bra size and labeled ourselves as follows:

Julie- Teeny Weeny
Cheryl- Medium

(Good thing there wasn't a third daughter. She'd be concave!)

The long trip back resumed around 8:30 pm and we left feeling relaxed, accomplished and not annoyed with the drive. I found sushi and Nat, not necessarily in order of my favorites at home and I spent the evening and into the wee hours of the morning helping him study a little more for his test today. As I was up very late last night, I'm slow moving, but I'm hoping to make it to Homestead Gardens later if Cheryl swings by. Its about time to get started on the Herb Garden!!!

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