Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lazy Sundays and Fun Fridays

A few weekends ago Mel, Vicki and I had the best weekend ever. We sipped Whiskey sours, per Rachel Ray magazine's suggestion at Morton's with Jenkins courtesy of Newman before visiting Eli and playing catch-phrase. Though not bright and early, we got up the next morning to walk downtown, get breakfast at the new yogurt place and take a few pictures. We weren't very inspired though I do like this shot of a bird.

A while back I did take this picture which I'm quite proud of, though I wasn't in Annapolis at the time. That's the Wilson Bridge.

I ventured south on Sunday to see Sarah's new baby. Three days new to be exact. He was all sorts of extra cute, and I couldn't help being enamored with him.

My mom was all, "What's 'tug-a-lug' doing?"

Speaking of my mom, we found time to get on a roller coaster, hit up the tropics with Ramone AND a photography studio while I was in town.

But enough about photo's and such. As I always say, it's the night's that you don't expect to be crazy that always end up most entertaining. We're still reeling at the loss of our favorite bar, that of which can not be named. Luckily, Tsunami stepped up to the plate and everyone put on their honest shoes and their drinking shoes. It made my heart smile straight through the night until morning when it starting to make my head spin and my stom heave. To remedy the situation, I placed an order for grease with a side of lard to be delivered and hunkered down on my couch for 3 hours of Gone with the Wind, while trying to not get too angry over the major unnecessary and tragic changes in the movie version of the story. Oh, but like I was saying, maybe it wasn't honesty as much as it was scandalously speaking without thinking. People said things along the lines of, "I like it when you come here," and "Her hips are bangin", and "NEEEEIGGH!!" and "You're so fucking hot I can't stand it." I didn't say any of those things though. Actually, I lied. I did partake in the "neigh-ing", but trust me. Just trust me, it was necessary.

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